The Open Payments Cloud

The Open Payments Cloud (OPC), is a platform that brings together Application Developers, Programme Managers and Banks. Developers like you build innovative Applications, Programme Managers operate the Applications on behalf of their SME and corporate clients and Banks provide the underlying payment networks and infrastructure.

In the spirit of Lean and Agile development, we have been engaging with developers at various stages during the development of OPC, to ensure that we deliver a system that addresses the more important problems for the various stakeholders.

The Open Payments Cloud has been developed as part of the Open Payments Ecosystem project – this is a two-year project, led by Ixaris and co-funded by the European Union that aims to open access to innovative and competitive payment services to SMEs in the EU.

Please note, the documentation being made available to you on this site is for information purposes only.
We suggest reading the ‘Introduction to OPC’ guide so you become familiar with the concepts and tools that have been developed for OPC. The aim of this document is to give you a more detailed view of the process before you start building your application!